CableLubie - Red Gold Lubes for your cables

CableLubie - Red Gold Lubes for your cables
2 Cablelubie kit only £7.99!
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Cablelubie's 2 pack with fixtures, seals and oiler.

No other system offers so much plus an oil injector.

Colours available: BLUE, GREEN, BLACK, GOLD and RED

Aircraft grade anodised aluminium chassis with high quality grade silicone oil chamber.

Fitting kit for 4 and 5 mm cables.

Add to your shifter cables and above the deraileur.

Each CableLubie 3 pack comes with:-

  • 4 x 4mm Ferrules for Shimano outer cables
  • 4 x 5mm for Standard type outer cables
  • 4 x O seals
  • 2 x CableLubie
  • 1 x 15ml Squeezy Bottle Oil Injector
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