How To Fit

DOWNLOAD: 2 page PDF [click me].

Hot To Fit Diagram

TOOLS: Cable Cutter / Allen Key EXTRAS: New Inner Cable / Cable Wire End Crimps.

A certain level of mechanical skill is required with any bike maintenance, if not 100% sure get your local shop or service center to fit.

Fit a CableLubie approx 45mm away from the gear shifter on the handlebar, have a look on the website in the How To Fit section for image locations if not sure.

If fitting a second CableLubie on the same gear shifter then cable just before the dérailleur is ideal. Some x11 set ups and full length cables can use just one CableLubie as used by customers.

We recommend using a fresh new inner cable as old ones can fray and will prove an issue threading back into the outer cable.  Also judge if your outer cable is good enough to use, in most cases we have found that outer cable cases are good enough.

Fill the CableLubie with oil only after setting up the cable so that the whole cable from shifter to dérailleur are normally secure as the o seals will be in the optimum position to seal.

Enjoy the shifting and be safe riding out.

Here are some images to show fitment.